Monday, January 14, 2008

Depleted Uranium at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and thousands of cases of cancer too

Jan 2nd, 2008

There were experiments conducted with Depleted Uranium at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard from before 1976. Over the years thousands suffered from cancer and are suffering - even as we speak - all over Bayview Hunters Point and beyond. Of course Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi are not cognizant of these facts. Mayor Gavin Newsom - a Racist - would not know. The Environmental Protection Agency and other Regulatory agencies are told to be mum - if they utter a word - they all are BLACKLISTED.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is contaminated and is a Superfund Site. What really makes the issue very serious are the radiological elements.

What makes Hunters Point Naval Shipyard a terrible place to be - are the worst types of experiments that were conducted.

In recent years we have witnessed what happened to thousands of our soldiers that went to Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

They went to war - bright and fine - healthy women and men and came out with ailments that still plague them. Depleted uranium played a role in ruining their health.

Today in Iraq - thousands of innocent civilians suffer from multiple cancers. Just google Iraq and Depleted Uranium - and find out for yourselves.

Most people that spend some time on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - come down with cancer.

The San Francisco Police Department has chosen to work at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and has been there - for many years - closer to areas were Depleted Uranium experiments were conducted. How smart!

Politicians are crooks - at least most of them are - Diane Feinstein is one of them - she better learn about Depleted Uranium that is found all over Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Some folks want to build a stadium at Hunters Point - to shower upon the fan - some fancy radiation. One would have thought San Francisco a Green City would exercise the Precautionary Principle:

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy
Environmental Justice Advocacy

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