Monday, January 14, 2008

How Schools Contaminate The Air Our Kids Breathe

January 10, 2008

After reading the article, "Tick, Tick, Boom" in the University of California San Diego student newspaper, one realizes a great deal of information is not being told to students (nor their parents) about issues of critical importance to their health and well-being

As best as I can tell, American college students are never informed that atmospheric radioactive explosions (under the term "testing") did not stop in 1962, but have actually been conducted continuously in the open air, right up to the present day

Many people still have no clue because the open air detonations of Depleted Uranium (and dozens of other toxics and radionuclides) since at least 1961 at what used to be called the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in California (now Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) as well as at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico - have been kept fairly quiet, generally not covered by the mainstream media, and are kept below the radar of the general population.

A quote from this piece is all-telling:
“It’s not clear that the U.S. armed forces would ever accept this weapon without conducting nuclear tests first,” Isaacs said. “We’re afraid that if we go ahead with this weapon, we’ll break out of our ban on testing new nuclear weapons and conduct some explosive tests.”

Rather than being informed that "explosive [radioactive] tests" already *are* and actually *have been* going on since before the students were even born? America's college kids are instead being directed to continue on with the typical rhetoric of the age-old fight against proliferation of the nuke bomb.

Meanwhile, the bomb itself is being "modeled" or "simulated," as the lab detonators like to call these blasts ... via outdoor toxic & radioactive EXPLOSIONS, right under our noses in California, about 40 miles outside San Francisco.

Apparently, college students are never told about this. The fact that these Depleted Uranium explosions occur never appears in their newspapers, since the Universities are accomplices in these detonations, actually working in partnership with the nuclear weapons laboratories.

While our young people participate in sit- ins and hunger strikes organized by older, paid activists from anti-nuke/peace groups with mysterious foundation fundings and a pre-established agenda for the students to follow? The irony of it all is that the very air our kids are breathing outside during these protests contains contamination of hazardous, toxic, lethal radionuclides - such as Depleted Uranium used in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq - from these outdoor, university-backed, simulated nuclear explosions.

Controlled opposition is a HUGE deal on US campuses, and they have actual well-organized organizations set up in them to "lead" the students in one lame, pointless demonstration after another, always in the guise of stopping "the bomb."

If information is controlled and resistance is established for the students, it takes away the possibility that the students could actually come up with something that could effect real and necessary change of their very own.

What's an example of one such change students could work on if they were allowed to have a real agenda? They could try putting a STOP to open air Depleted Uranium explosions in the US, just for starters!

Propaganda around this issue is so slick that it is entirely possible that the writer of this piece for the UC-SD newspaper may not even know. Unless she were to read the environmental report for LLNL, how would she ever learn that the University of California, as the long-term manager of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory until October 1, is still working in close partnership with LLNS, LLC and Bechtel, Batelle, Texas A & M University et. al, immersed in the maniacal push for upping the open air detonations outside San Francisco from 1,000 lbs. of toxic, radioactive materials to 8,000 lbs. annually?

How can anyone in his right mind think that DU blasted in the open air - the same stuff the US military uses on our so-called "radical extremists/terrorists/enemy" in the Middle East is good for our American kids, I wonder?

So there you have it in a nutshell, folks. Our kids are being radioactively contaminated, courtesy of their own universities. No wonder the truth is being hidden on our college campuses.

If we realize that harm is being purposely brought about innocent citizens - our kids, no less - don't we have a moral responsibility to inform these students - and their parents, too? After all, how will our students ever know their health is being endangered if people like you and me don't share this information with them?

Shouldn't all Americans be allowed to know what toxic and radioactive materials are being exploded by their government into the air they breathe? And if ordinary people like you and me don't speak up and out, who else is this world is ever going to tell them?

The thought occurs to me this morning that never, ever before in the history of humankind has it been more important to be our brother's and sister's keeper than it is today.

After all, when a parent has to protect her kid from deadly radiological contamination from the very universities she is paying the big bucks in tuition to fund? It truly is a matter of grassroots activism, one parent-to-parent, one grand parent-to-grand parent exchange at a time.

It apparently is going to take nothing less than a nation of parents and grand parents to raise our kids and protect them from the very educators who we work so hard to scrimp and save to support via our kids' college tuition.

Good God in Heaven, what has happened to this world? Who in their right mind would have ever thought when we were kids that when we grew up and had kids of our own, we would have to fight against our own universities in order to keep our kids safe?


Rhotel1 said...

I would like the poster to contact me. I do not speak Norwegian, but the article is in English. I believe it is one of Cathy Garger's. Garger is a know nothing idiot who sees DU everywhere and does not realize that there is uranium in her own backyard, just like there is uranium in the Norwegian posters as well and it all comes from the weathering of the rocks and soils. If there is anyone who has been drawn to this who actually wants to learn about DU, go to the following links - you will learn that even war time use was found to present no long term hazard to anyone.

Anyone can read the messages and this one is just links - if you join the group, you can also read the files and access other links since this message is a couple of months old and additional links have been added.

Turid Sandberg Ihle said...

Thank you very much for your comment!

You're referring to the constant background radation that you'll be subject to all over the planet in your response. We are of course very well aware of that fact. We just don't think the testing of bombs and other types of pollution that's being dumped into our air and waters will make matters any better. Our position is that ordinary people should have access to all available information in order to work more effectively against unnecessary pollution.

I tried to access some of your files, but sadly, way too many were impossible to access. I will try again later though.

Have a nice day!

Turid Sandberg Ihle