Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nuclear fuel shipment, Iran's success

January 3, 2008


An Iranian parliament member has described the shipment of nuclear fuel from Russia to Iran as a success for Iran's foreign policy.

Rashid Jalali-Jafari, who sits on the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy of the Majlis, said Russia did not live up to its Bushehr power plant commitments for years. However, he added, recent policies have led to Moscow fulfilling its obligations.

“The shipment of nuclear fuel to Iran from Russia is a sign of Iran's success in its foreign policy in recent years,” he added.

The Iranian lawmaker asserted, “We should not be content and we must keep up our efforts to attain our nuclear rights.”

Jalali-Jafari dismissed some Western states' demands regarding abandoning enrichment activities in return for nuclear fuel from Russia as irrational, saying Iran would never accept such a request.

He also reiterated that the delivery of nuclear fuel is Russia's pledge, yet enriching uranium within the international protocols for peaceful purposes is Iran's absolute right.

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