Saturday, December 29, 2007

Contract reached on waste work

December 26, 2007

OAK RIDGE - URS Corp. has won a $14 million contract to process radioactive and hazardous wastes at the Y-12 nuclear plant.

The work will be performed by Washington Safety Management Solutions, an affiliate of the Washington Division of URS.

URS, which is based in San Francisco, acquired Washington Group earlier this year. The acquisition broadened the range of technical services performed by the international company with operations in 30 countries.

According to a statement from URS, the contract work will include the processing of Y-12's "radioactive, hazardous and industrial wastewaters, as well as provide uranium chip oxidation, groundwater treatment and secondary wastes transport."

The work apparently will be conducted under a subcontract to B&W Technical Services, the government's managing contractor at Y-12. However, B&W refused to confirm the project or discuss any aspects of the contract arrangements.

URS said the base contract is for two years with three one-year options.

"We are proud to be selected to safely manage these wastes and support the Y-12 mission," Charles McVay, a regional director with the Washington Division, said in a prepared statement.

Y-12 is a critical part of the nation's nuclear weapons complex. The Oak Ridge plant manufactures warhead parts from enriched uranium and other materials. Y-12 also dismantles old components after weapon systems are retired from the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

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