Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Village Idiot is at it Again!

21 Dec 2007

Bush holds year- and end news Conference. (Obviously on his own.....)

US President George W. Bush has held a news conference outlining US administration progress in both foreign and domestic policies.

Speaking at the year-end press conference on Thursday, Bush said he is confident that his fellow Republicans can pick up seats in both the Senate and the Congress.

"I believe ours is the party that understands the nature of the world that we live in and that the government's primary responsibility is to protect American citizens from harm," he stated.

Regarding global warming, Bush said he opposed the Kyoto Protocol because China wasn't a participant. At the same time, Bush said, a national plan is needed. But it cannot compromise the American standard of living. He advocated nuclear power as a possible solution.

About the US military mission abroad, Bush said he was pleased with the progress in Iraq, but acknowledged the situation wasn't ideal.

Asked if U.S. allies in NATO are "avoiding the fight" in Afghanistan, Bush said he understood that some countries could not commit combat troops but he said he was confident democracy will work in Afghanistan.

Refraining from giving any comment on recent CIA tape revelations, the president said he would have no comment on the debate over the destruction of videotapes showing the interrogation of terrorism suspects until an investigation is completed but at the same time, he broadly dismissed criticism of US questioning tactics--some of which fit the legal definition of torture.

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